Students for Children is committed to its mission by ensuring all our projects meet a standard set of requirements. They must be geared towards improving the quality of education, increasing the number of children that receive said education or developing practical skills of the children involved. Reach out to our project coordinator for questions regarding project proposals.

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If you want to submit a new project, kindly get in touch with our Project Coordinator.

Current Projects

educate., Honduras

The project aims to tackle the issue of mental health affecting the youth of Honduras, a country that is struggling with high poverty and violence rates. The Communications, Storytelling, and Mental Health Program is designed to empower young individuals by teaching them the art of storytelling, including writing, filming, and editing content. By recognizing the transformative power of storytelling, the initiative aims to enhance the participants’ employability while fostering self-awareness, mindfulness, and confidence. The goal is to ensure that the young people of Honduras have access to the necessary tools for a better future.

CARD, India

The project aims to provide educational and hygiene supplies to 836 tribal children across five schools in select villages, thereby promoting consistent attendance, elevating educational outcomes, and boosting school enrollments. The project also aims to advance awareness of higher education, hygiene practices, and the prevention of child marriages among the student and parent communities.


This Uganda project focuses on improving the education of vulnerable children in the post-conflict Soroti District. Its objectives include providing daily access to reading and scholastic materials, offering 50 uniforms to 100 children, and establishing a School/Resource Center for education and income-generating projects. By addressing immediate resource shortages and providing a comprehensive solution, the project represents the best way to make a positive impact in this region. It offers hope and a brighter future by enhancing educational access and supporting the development of vulnerable children in Soroti District.

Blessed Generations, Kenya

This project in Kenya aims to enhance the availability of learning materials for students and teachers. The objective of this project is to make it easier for students to access essential educational materials like pencils and exercise books that are crucial for their daily academic activities. The project is expected to provide school supplies that can last the entire academic year, thus alleviating the stress and challenges associated with the scarcity of these materials. By ensuring that students have a consistent and sufficient supply of learning materials, we aim to reduce the need for resource-sharing and minimize the risk of missing out on educational opportunities. Ultimately, we aim to enhance the educational experience and academic achievements of children in Kenya.

Past Projects

SWEAD, India

The project aims to provide quality education to children, youth, and women to improve their socio-economic lives.
Together, we have targeted 300 children from ten selected villages of Bhuvanagiri, Tamil Nadu, India, to implement support for infrastructure, learning aids, socially meaningful curriculum development, and child-centered, enjoyable learning methods. By organizing workshops, special help camps, tuition centers, and children’s clubs, the initiative sought to remove barriers to education. The results of this initiative have been significant, with improvements in a multitude of areas, including academic performance, school enrollment, and access to learning tools.

Reusable sanitary pads, Uganda

The project aims to raise community awareness through training workshops, seminars, and discussions on reusable pads from local materials, ensuring their continued education. The ultimate goal is to provide reusable and affordable sanitary pads, empowering girls to stay in school and fulfil their potential.

ISUDEV, Cameroon

Due to local conflicts and the socio-political situation, children have not been able to go to school for at least 4 years. We are supporting 30 orphans and widows who take care of them. Children will be put to school without having to pay tuition fees and the costs of educational supplies and uniforms will be covered by Students for Children. In addition, kids’ guardians will get vegetable seeds and watering cans as a small support in their upbringing.

REPTA, Cameroon

The project aims to provide funds for building latrines for Mousgoy, a local primary school. 

The toilet facilities are in a very bad condition which causes many problems, especially for girls. With the funds we can improve the sanitary conditions for children at the primary school.

educate., Honduras

At educate. members strive to empower Honduran children and youth by supporting community-driven initiatives that focus on education. We decided to fund one of their latest projects that will provide a community library for the municipality of Santa Bárbara.

Mundo de Talentos, Mexico

Mundo de Talentos provides weekend workshops for children in order to help them learn about different work fields. This project allows children the opportunity to learn what they are interested in and keeps them busy during the weekend. SFC helps Mundos de Talentos by providing the funds to allow these projects to take place.

AFC, Cameroon

One of AFC’s main objectives is to advance quality education and training in local schools and communities. Students for Children decided to sponsor AFC’s project in Barobi village community with classroom furniture and textbooks.

W.D.W.S., India

W.D.W.S. seeks to support fair education and to promote the relief of poverty in the Andhra Pradesh region, in India. Students for Children is funding school uniforms and bicycles for young girls who otherwise would not be able to attend school due to their personal circumstances.

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