Students for Children is committed to its mission by ensuring all our projects meet a standard set of requirements. They must be geared towards improving the quality of education, increasing the number of children that receive said education or developing practical skills of the children involved. Reach out to our project coordinator for questions regarding project proposals.

Children and Youth


Local and small-scaled

Transparent and verifiable


No money to third parties

Current Projects

ISUDEV, Cameroon

Due to local conflicts and the socio-political situation, children have not been able to go to school for at least 4 years. We are supporting 30 orphans and widows who take care of them. Children will be put to school without having to pay tuition fees and the costs of educational supplies and uniforms will be covered by Students for Children. In addition, kids’ guardians will get vegetable seeds and watering cans as a small support in their upbringing.

REPTA, Cameroon

The project aims to provide funds for building latrines for Mousgoy, a local primary school. 

The toilet facilities are in a very bad condition which causes many problems, especially for girls. With the funds we can improve the sanitary conditions for children at the primary school.

educate., Honduras

At educate. members strive to empower Honduran children and youth by supporting community-driven initiatives that focus on education. We decided to fund one of their latest projects that will provide a community library for the municipality of Santa Bárbara.

Mundo de Talentos, Mexico

Mundo de Talentos provides weekend workshops for children in order to help them learn about different work fields. This project allows children the opportunity to learn what they are interested in and keeps them busy during the weekend. SFC helps Mundos de Talentos by providing the funds to allow these projects to take place.

Blessed Camp, Kenya

Since 2009 Students for Children supports a group of children with special needs who suffer from the effects of leprosy. The community is in the South East of Kenya and currently the children receive education on a regular basis at the local elementary school, namely Msingi Bora Academy.

Past Projects

Kayecups, Uganda

Kayenje CU Primary School is located in Butambala district in Central Uganda. The school has a population of 758 children (405 boys and 352 girls), all of whom were using one toilet, including teaching staff and workers. This greatly affected the learning abilities of the female children and so SFC has decided to sponsor a new toilet facility for the school. As well as providing the school with materials to make their own re-usable sanitary pads.

COREDA, Cameroon

COREDA has helped to build new school buildings for more children to receive an education. SFC made the decision to support the schools in getting a clean water supply, boreholes were drilled and piping was placed, the schools now have two water taps outdoors which are used by the entire community. 

Blue House Project, India

The Sona Pushkar project in India, started in 2018, focuses on families in need.  The project near by the city Pushkar began with the construction of a blue house where education and support is available for the community. The founder of the project, Jaira, aims to build a supportive community including improved education and living standards.

Compassion for Humanity, Ghana

For this project, we work in combination with Compassion for Humanity to fund the costs of 20 orphaned children to attend school as well as the scholastic materials needed for the school. The twenty orphans received uniforms, bags, books etc, and they were also registered for public health care.

AFC, Cameroon

One of AFC’s main objectives is to advance quality education and training in local schools and communities. Students for Children decided to sponsor AFC’s project in Barobi village community with classroom furniture and textbooks.

W.D.W.S., India

W.D.W.S. seeks to support fair education and to promote the relief of poverty in the Andhra Pradesh region, in India. Students for Children is funding school uniforms and bicycles for young girls who otherwise would not be able to attend school due to their personal circumstances.

Help us support more projects

With your donation you help us support children in developing countries to attend school and receive better education. If you decide to become a donor, we will keep you posted about our projects and activities at all times.