ANBI Status

Students for Children has been organized by the tax authorities as an ANBI foundation (the Dutch hallmark for charities). What does this mean? This means that Students for Children as a charity foundation fulfils the conditions to assure that the collected money ends up where it is supposed to. This way, we provide transparency  about our money flows, projects and events. Additionally, an ANBI-status means that donations to Students for Children are tax deductible. As such, we meet the following requirements:

Name of organization: Stichting Students for Children
RSIN/fiscal number: 8171.86.566
Address: Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018 WV Amsterdam
Current policy plan: Policy Plan 2024
Board: The board is made up of a group of students. Find the full list of the members here.
Remuneration policy: All board members work on a voluntary basis and therefore receive no financial compensation whatsoever.
Current report of activities performed: Each year, the board prepares an Annual report in which we account for the finances, policy pursued and the activities carried out. Find our latest Annual report (2022) here.