Past Events

Koningsdag Beer Walk
26th April, 2021

Together with Study Association JFAS, we organised a Beer Walk through the center of Amsterdam on 26th April 2021 with craft beers and snacks. The full report on the event will be published on our website soon.

Tikkie week for Mundo de Talentos
December, 2020

In the week of Christmas, we organised an online fundraiser ‘’Tikkie week,’’ in which we set up an open payment request through our Students for Children bank account to which people could donate any amount they wished towards one of our projects. We organised this event to support ‘’Mundo de Talentos,’’ a weekend school that offers guidance on work and study subjects through an intensive three-year program for children of public schools with the age of 10 to 13 years old in Chiapas, Mexico. The students participate every Saturday in the program. We posted this initiative on our social media platforms in order to raise funds for the project. Study association SES also shared our initiative on their Instagram stories. With this event, we raised a total of €939,11.

Crowdfunding with Yana Borisova for Toki Rapa Nui school
September, 2020

We collaborated with Yana Borisova and her piano students in Amsterdam on their initiative ‘Solidarity through music – play to help’ to raise funds for Toki Rapa Nui school of music and arts on Easter Island. Through a series of piano performances on YouTube, the students raised money for the school which has been facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19. The crowdfunding campaign has so far raised €2,929. Please note that the project being funded is not an SfC project.

Crowdfunding with Peter Nieuwland for Compassion for Humanity Ghana
June, 2020

Due to COVID-19, our “goed doen dag” event at Pieter Nieuwland college in Amsterdam was cancelled. Still they wanted to do something for charity. So we chose to organize a crowdfunding campaign on gofundme for our project in Ghana with Compassion for Humanity Ghana. We raised about €2000. This was more than we imagined, we’re very thankful to everyone who participated.

Easter Egg Sale!
April, 2020

Due to the corona crisis, we couldn’t sell the Easter eggs as we had in mind since all gatherings are postponed until the crisis is over. So we decided to sell the eggs to our close family, relatives and friends, following the guidelines of the RIVM and GGD. Thanks to Tony Chocolonely, we received 18 kg of chocolate eggs to sell. We sold every ounce of chocolate, which resulted in a profit of around €350! We are very grateful for their sponsorship.

Charity ice-skating with Kiem Montessori
March, 2020

On 13th March, we went ice-skating with some of the students from Kiem Montessori. Each skating round was sponsored by family members, neighbours or friends. During the activity, each of the children received a paper and we stamped the rounds they made. The kids were very competitive because they got founding for every round they skated! So the kids wanted to skate as many rounds as possible! Some of the kids even skated for more than 35 rounds – Very athletic!

Crafting self-sufficient villages with Kiem Montessori
February, 2020

We gave a presentation and class exercise at Kiem Montessori on 25th February about our work as Students for Children. Kiem Montessori is a very creative school, the kids have access to a creative working space, where they can create their own creativities during the week for school purposes. We asked the children to craft self-sufficient towns based on countries where our projects are located. Particularly, they had to consider how people create their living in the countries like in Uganda, India or Honduras. The kids had to brainstorm about water use, electricity and their budget for creating a self-sufficient village.

Valentine’s Day Rose Sale
February, 2020

We collaborated with the psychology study association of UvA VSPA for a collaboration. The flowers were sponsored by EY flower. We sold each flower for €2.5 with cash payment and €3 with card payment. However, the gala is relatively small in size. In the end, we made €134.5 from this event.

How do we raise funds?


Students for Children organizes events to collect money for educational projects. The events are mainly focused on students as this target group is easy to reach through the network of the board members.


Students for Children collaborates with various partners. For instance, every year Students for Children organizes diverse school campaigns in which we raise awareness about our work and raise funds for projects.


Besides organizing events and teaming up with partners, Students for Children can count on financial supporters who donate on a monthly basis as well as one-off donations.