REPTA has been on a mission since 2012 to improve the living conditions of poor populations in Cameroon by improving the school conditions of children and adolescents, improving access to drinking water and sanitation and to raise awareness of water-related diseases, as well as improving housing conditions for people in need.

By collaborating with REPTA, we aim to enhance the sanitary conditions at a local primary school in Mousgoy. The problem children are facing at this school is that they do not have latrines that would be of adequate quality. This is a source of major health problems (illnesses and infections) for children, as the existing latrines are not hygienic and sanitary. Additionally, the state of these latrines are so bad that children are prohibited to use them due to risk of collapse. Thus, children are forced to relieve themselves outside in nature. Due to the lack of infrastructure there is a high rate of absence for children at school, alongside the high rate of illnesses.

To reduce the risk of health issues at Mousgoy Primary School and to encourage children to attend classes there will be three ventilated pit latrines built for girls, and four for boys, including hand-washing stations. On top of that, the organisation aims to cultivate hygiene awareness for children and to maintain the access to good quality facilities by creating a committee.

By contributing to building adequate sanitary facilities we are contributing to children’s education – improving hygiene means children will less likely get infections or get ill and they will also be more willing to attend classes in the first place. Therefore, running the lessons and the learning process of children will be more efficient in the long term.