ISUDEV, Cameroon

ISUDEV aims to “remove all barriers for the alleviation of poverty among disadvantaged children, youths, marginalized women through the improvement of access to quality education, basic hygiene and sanitation facilities and agricultural education and training”. They wish to achieve their missions through empowering less privileged children, enhancing quality of health and education, and increasing food security and sustainability.

Since late 2016, there is an active armed conflict in the English speaking parts of Cameroon that has forcefully displaced at least 790 000 persons and allegedly killed at least 4000 civilians. Some children have been separated from their parents, while others have lost theirs due to intense and prolonged confrontations between separatists and military forces. Due to these conflicts, a lot of children have not been able to attend school for several years.

At the Ekenzu Village Community ISUDEV has made an agreement with the local school administration that 30 orphans can go back to school without having to pay tuitions fees. However, even with this agreement children are not able to attend school as their guardians cannot afford to supply both household needs and school needs (for uniforms, books etc.).

This project aims to provide one-time support to these 30 orphans with educational supplies, uniforms and shoes and to the widows who take care of the orphans with vegetable seeds and watering cans to support widows in the orphans’ upbringing.