AFC, Cameroon

AFC, short for Action for Change, has been operating since 2015. Their mission is to “empower and sustainably improve the living condition of children, women, vulnerable youths, disadvantaged rural and indigenous forest communities through education and training on life and vocational skills”.

SfC is supporting their project that focuses on improving the quantity and quality of classroom furniture and a mini-library at Barobi Community Primary School. The school currently has 457 students, mostly girls, and orphans and children who have been internally displaced. There are only 6 teachers at the school who the community is struggling to raise funds for in order to employ them.

The school also lacks of adequate classroom furniture, such as desks and chairs – on average, 5/6 children are seated at a table, which can be very crowded and distracting during classes. The rest usually just sits on the floor or on rocks. In addition, a lot of children do not have access to textbooks and other learning materials at school or at home. These are all discouraging factors for children, this leads to higher drop-out rates and makes it hard to break the cycle of poverty.

Barobi village community is one of the host communities for internally displaced people (IDPs) who have fled from other parts of the region affected by war or insecurity.  Their living conditions are very deplorable as families have to manage a single room for survival.

We would like to give the opportunity for children at Barobi Community Primary School to learn in an adequate environment and we are very happy to fund desks, tables and chairs for their classrooms and textbooks and a bookshelf for the library area, so students can study the right material in a calmer and more organised environment.