AFC, Cameroon

AFC, short for Action for Change, and their mission is to “empower and sustainably improve the living condition of children, women, vulnerable youths, disadvantage rural and indigenous forest communities through education and training on life and vocational skills” through promoting sustainable livelihood initiatives, advancing the quality of education and training as a tool to development, promoting hygiene and sanitation at schools and promoting children’s, women’s and indigenous forest communities’ rights.

Through our collaboration with AFC we are focusing on improving education quality by providing classroom furniture for students at Barobi Community Primary School. In the last decade the school has managed to increase school attendance of children between the age of 4-12, which is a positive thing. However, the number of students have now exceeded the available amount of classroom desks and chairs, which forced children to be seated on bigger rocks or the floor. This very much discouraged a lot of children to not attend classes which makes their learning process very ineffective. Moreover, this increases poverty in the long-run in the area.

The school is managed and funded by the impoverished local community and they were unable to raise enough funds for new classroom furniture. Therefore, to improve education quality at the Barobi community, to encourage children to attend classes and to reduce the growth of poverty in the long-run we decided to support AFC and to help them raise funds for new classroom furniture and new learning materials, textbooks.

The furniture is made by local carpenters, which also contributes to the sustainability aspect of AFC’s mission. The project started in May 2022, and the furniture is to be distributed in September, 2022.