educate., Honduras

educate., a Scottish organisation, has been supporting children and youth in Honduras since 2017. 

The founders had lived and worked in Honduran communities for about a year, when they witnessed vast inequalities in educational opportunities available to young people as well as the top-down models that were present across the non-profit sector. Thus, they started to directly support individuals and communities in order to create sustainable, community-driven impact of underprivileged Honduran youth. They aim to increase educational opportunities for local youth, to create high school and university scholarship opportunities for children from low-income backgrounds, to inspire younger generations and to foster literacy and global citizenship amongst students in rural and marginalised communities. 

Currently educate. is working on building a Youth Centre in Trinidad (Municipality of Santa Bárbara) that will transform the learning opportunities available to youth in this municipality through educational scholarships, workshops and leadership trainings, as well as peer-to-peer mentorship and tutoring.

Students for Children is helping with the creation of the library in the Youth Centre.  At the moment the municipality has no public libraries, hence people have no access to books, computers, printers or academic support. Hence, it is important to create a space for the youth where they can read, learn, study and do homework. educate. is planning on opening the gates of the Youth Centre by the end of summer, 2022.