School furniture at a local primary school in Cameroon

Action for Change (AFC)

When we see pictures of children in classrooms in the Western society, we usually see them sitting behind desks. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many children in developing countries. Especially not for children at the Barobi Community Primary School in Cameroon.

The school lacks of adequate classroom furniture (desks and chairs). On average, 5-6 children are seated at one desk and the rest usually just sits on the floor or on rocks. No wonder children are not motivated to go to school under these circumstances! Last year we decided to support AFC’s work (a local community that focuses on improving living conditions through advocating education and vocational skills) and we supported their project for classroom furniture and textbook distribution.

The furniture was made by local carpenters and was distributed at the end of September. We are truly happy to see the great work that was done by the carpenters and AFC, and we are super excited that we were part of such a wonderful project!

Furniture making in progress
Children at the community helping to unload the furniture
New furniture being put to use 🙂