Bicycles & Uniforms

W.D.W.S., India

In india, a lot of children are unable to attend school because the infrsatructure of the schools are rather poor and there is a shortage of trained teachers. Children who live too far in rural areas and they lack of transportation options also have to miss out on classes. This can affect girls more than boys, as parents are less likely to send their daughters to school alone in order ot protect them. Moreover, girls have to help out with family responsibilities quite often which also hinders their school attendance.

To advocate girl’s education in India, we teamed up with the Women Development Welfare Society (W.D.W.S.) and made it happen that bicycles (38 units) and school uniforms (84 units) were provided to the girls. Due to this donation, the girls will be able to attend school regularly, they will not have to walk 3-7 kms daily, hence, they will be less tired and will be able to concentrate more during classes.

We really like the work of W.D.W.S. as they do not only focus on present education, but they also have an awareness camp to promote girl’s education rights, the importance of education, child protection rights and gender equality. It always warms our heart when we get to see the outcome of our projects! It is lovely to see the girls wearing their new uniforms and their bikes.