Latest updates from Kenya

Blessed Camp

One of our long-term projects is based in Mombasa, Kenya and we have been supporting Blessed Camp since 2009. We support children with special needs who come from families that has suffered from the devastating effects of leprosy that ravaged the community. Every now and then we get an update from Action Ministry (the organisation that runs Blessed Camp) and we have just received their latest one!

Recently 95 children has just finished their school year, graduated and they are now ready to tackle the challenges of the next academic year. Out of the 95, 21 children graduated from PP2 – which is the equivalent of kindergarten – and are excited to start Grade One (primary school). What is even better news is that for the first time, Action Ministry’s Baraka Academy will have a PP1 class (pre-primary school level) which means more children will join the school and benefit from the provided education.

Children in school at Blessed Camp

Some of the children at the Blessed Camp Community, despite the fact that they have to deal with food, clothing, basic needs and family issues on a day-to-day basis, are still not set back from excelling at school. One of the students, Umazi Nyamawi, just sat her final exams at primary school and achieved such great results that she became one of the best in the region. This opened up some new possibilities for her which means she can now continue her studies in a National school. Additionally, her performance also enabled her to secure full sponsorship for her high school education. Fantastic news, this is a great achievement for a girl coming from a family and area that has been through so much! Umazi is now the second child that has been supported by Students for Children and made it to a National school after Mwanajuma Beksubi.

Students for Children congratulates to all children and their achievements. These are important milestones to mark and we are determined to help and contribute to many more successes, because every child has a right to education!