Mundo de Talentos


Mundo de Talentos is a non-profit organization that contributes to the personal developmental of a public-school between 10 and 13 years in San Cristóbal de las Chiapas, Mexico. They focus on strengthening the children’s self-esteem and improving their sense of belonging in society by providing a 3-year vocational guidance program through held on Saturdays. Passionate professional volunteers to share their work experience with the children and invite them to participate in various activities, group exercises and excursion related to their sector of work.

Currently, the Mundo de Talentos team is expanding the program by developing a project which is an adaptation of the current program to the rural context of Chiapas, Mundo de Talentos Rural. This program will be available to young people in indigenous communities of the region. This way, they will support young people in rural areas to become better prepared to make their own decisions about their future, focusing on the real opportunities that exist their context.

For this project, we are contributing a sum of 3000€ towards Mundo de Talentos to support the team set up Mundo de Talentos Rural. This project is in part supported by our Tikkie week event held in December 2020. The project will kick off in July 2021. More updates will be shared in due time.


Our funds go towards setting up Mundo de Talentos Rural.


Every year 40 children are admitted to the program.


We contributed 3.000 euros in total to this project.


We partnered with Mundo de Talentos A.C

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