Tikkie week for new project, Mundo de Talentos!

This week, in the spirit of Christmas and holiday festivities, giving and togetherness at this time of year, even in these turbulent times, we are starting the initiative of TIKKIE WEEK, where you are able to donate any amount that you wish in order to support a particular project of ours. The donations will go towards supporting Mundo de Talentos, a weekend school that offers guidance on work and study subjects through an intensive three-year program for children of public schools between the ages of 10 to 13 years old in Chiapas, Mexico. The students participate every Saturday where they are introduced to interesting professions and study subjects to help them explore themselves, their interests and career prospects.

Every amount is extremely helpful in supporting the project! For example, a €2,50 euro donation provides the students with necessary study material such as paper and pencils; a €5 euro donation can provide one of the children with the medical insurance which the schools covers; and a €10 euro donation provides presentation materials for the weekend school! We are equally happy with all donations that help us help the children! 

In order to donate, please click here. This link allows you to donate the amount you are able to. Again, there is no minimum or maximum amount. 

Once this initiative has ended, we will gather all donations and allocate it towards the project, and provide updates where the money has been allocated to on both our website and social media. This way, you are able to see the benefits of your donation! 

Thank you in advance for your support, it is greatly appreciated! 


The SfC Board.