AIM PPLE – Let’s talk: Students for Children


AIM PPLE is a study association at the University of Amsterdam, similarly to Students for Children, run by students entirely. They organise social and academic events for their members all year around, so students from the PPLE faculty can connect with each other, Amsterdam and with members from other study associations.

AIM has a podcast series, called Aim for change and we had the chance to be featured in one of their episodes (Let’s talk: Students for Children). Our chairwoman, Irmak, went on the show to share her insights regarding her experience with and motivation for volunteering. Furthermore, Irmak and the hosts discussed what charity work in the education field means and how Students for Children contributes to it all.

We are very proud of Irmak’s inspiring thoughts and super thankful for AIM to host us. You can listen to the episode on Spotify and you can access the link here.

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