Mundo de Talentos suspended its activities


The political situation in the municipality of Teopisca has not allowed the continuation of Mundo de Talentos activities after the pilot. In June 2022, the municipal president of Teopisca was assassinated by members of organized crime. This event has caused a wave of violence, including blockades and clashes between opposing groups. The new municipal president was not accepted by part of the population, which generated a continuation of the violent events. The blockades and clashes have made it impossible to reach the area during the months of June to October. Currently, the situation has calmed down and the blockades have been dissolved. However, the disagreements between the groups were not resolved and the violence is still latent. In order to protect the safety of the members of Mundo de Talentos, they decided to discontinue their activities in Teopisca.

Although they could not organise activites for new members, the organisation kept busy. They started an Alumni Project in San Cristóbal de Las Casas. With this project, Mundo de Talentos aims to prepare two generations of graduates for their professional careers. Moreover, they are giving them workshops and trainings, so in the future they can return as speakers to the younger generations, once the activities can start again at the weekend school.

Proposed activities for the Alumni Project include the following:

– monthly workshop or excursion

– training courses so that in the future they return to the classroom as speakers.

– internship opportunities: graduates can go to Mundo de Talentos to join companies to do their professional internships or social service.

– connect graduates nationwide in the future (starting with San Cristóbal de Las Casas and Oaxaca, we want to create a Mundo de Talentos network).

– connect the graduates of the Weekend School network internationally in the future. Our graduates can connect with those from the Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

We hope the heated situation will be resolved soon and Mundo de Talentos can carry on providing their workshops on the weekends.