New school project in Congo!

We are very excited to share our news with you as we just started our collaboration with the organisation Program for the well-being of Children (PwC) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
This project aims to rebuild the primary school of a village close to Bunia, in the province of Ituri. This village used to be one of the battlefields of the conflict in the DRC. Now that the peace has been restored, we would like to contribute to providing a good environment for the children of the area for their return to the school. We will fund tables, chairs, toilets, windows and a roof so that the children can get proper learning conditions. Education in this situation is not only about gaining knowledge but also about restoring the self-esteem and confidence that the kids can lose during times of war and experience of trauma.
We hope that you are all as enthusiastic as we are about this new project!

Here are already some pictures that we have received along with the first update: