The new project approaching #genderequality

We have some exciting news to share with you! Thanks to all the generous donations we have received the last months and our events, we collected enough donations to support a new project. The primary school is located in Uganda (Butambala District, Kayenje) and concerns the construction of five toilettes, and a washroom for the girls. As the school teaches 749 children, the discomfort of the girls sharing the same toilette with boys grows and social discrepancies arise, such as timidity. Thus, the girls seek to go to the bushes that risk them to get other diseases. Another natural appearance is menstruations, which every girl starts to experience and deal with at one point in her life. However, this mostly results in them staying at home and avoiding school, therefore missing school leads to a lack of education.

We believe that everybody –whether girl or boy – has equally the right for accessible latrines and washrooms to prevent additional social discomfort. This is particularly relevant to us as we aspire to provide our project and the students a safe learning environment where nobody needs to feel shame or timidity caused by build gender-related matters. That way we strive to build opportunities, especially for girls to not feel any discomfort in school and being able to receive education for a confident and independent future! #girlspower💪