Blue House project, Pushkar India

The Sona Pushkar project in India, started in 2018 and focuses on families in need. The project is based in the outskirts of the city of Pushkar and began with the construction of a blue house where education and support is available for the community. The founder of the project, Jaira, aims to build a supportive community including improved education and living standards.

The fourth Sustainable Development Goal sees Quality Education as the foundation to improve peoples lives. Education is the key to escape poverty and increases socioeconomic mobility. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many schools worldwide to close, which impacted more than 91% of students worldwide. This has a huge effect on the development of the most vulnerable. 

SFC helped the Blue House to ensure that 70 students received daily meals, which they lacked because of their schools closure. The biggest problem in remote areas like Pushkar is the lack of knowledge. Authorities in Pushkar solved this problem by sending medical teams to all camps and houses. A medical team visited all families of the Blue House to inform them about COVID-19 dangers and the vaccination. 

To support the families during lockdown one food package per family was given out and contains enough food to feed a family for two weeks. The donations of SFC have been helpful during the pandemic to help support the families of the Blue House’s 70 students with food.