Our finalised projects

Students for Children supports projects that offer unprivileged children access to education that eventually leads to a better future. We have been collaborating with various projects since 2006. Since our inception, we have been active in fifteen countries in total! On this page you find an overview of the completed projects that we have supported over the years. All projects met the criteria of Students for Children.

Bolivia (Cochabamba) 

In Bolivia there is a lack of resources and knowledge about healthy food. Students for Children has supported a project in which children received theory and practical lessons about healthy food and maintaining school gardens.
This project took place in 2015.
More than 400 children (and their families) have been reached with this program.
Students for Children contributed 2.500€ to this project.
We collaborated with NME Mundial for this project.


Sport encourages the children in the favelas to participate in various educational projects. Students for Children sponsored this by paying the salary of a teacher who gives weekly football and tennis lessons.
Students for Children supported this project in 2015.
Girls between 4 and 14 years old from a favela in Rio de Janeiro received football and tennis lessons through our contribution.
Students for Children contributed 3.290€ to the project.
Students for Children collabroated with Estrela da Favela.

Bolivia (North-Potosí)

Students for Children contributed to the construction of 7 school greenhouses, where children grow their own vegetables under supervision. This is a sustainable and educational solution to the food problem in high-altitude North Potosí.
The construction of the school classes took place from 2017 to 2018.
With this project we could support 430 children.
Students for Children contributed 1628€ to the project.
The project partner is called Stichting Samay.


Students for Children contributed to the construction of new classrooms in Sichuan Province, China.
In 2008 Students for Children provided assistance to this project in China.
The three new classrooms can accommodate 90 children.
Students for Children financed part of the construction for new classrooms involving 1860€.
The project involved the collaboration with Olivia Kraef, a German PhD student living in Beijing. She has started an initiative to give children, especially girls from poor rural families in Sinchuan Province, an opportunity to receive education


Students for Children sponsored five students from Medellín. They did not receive proper guidance from their environment and could therefore participate in the Study & Work project
Students for Children supported this project from the beginning of 2017 to 2018.
The five students are vulnerable young people from families whose parents have not studied and who also have financial resources. The youth received help to sort things out and to resist the temptations of fast money.
The total amount for the five sponsored students is € 2,076. The transport and material costs of this amount have been paid for one year.
For this project, there is collaboration with the Street Children Medellín foundation, which works closely with the local organization Fundación Caminos.


Students for Children contributed to the construction of a school building. This gives children from the surrounding area access to education.
Students for Children supported this project in 2013 and the construction of the school building was finished at the end of 2014.
Children from the surrounding area can attend primary education in this school building. This school has been in used by the school staff and children since the end of 2014.
Students for Children supported this project for € 180.
We worked together with the local school in Ghana for this.


Students for Children has contributed to improving education for students of the underprivileged Borana tribe in South Ethiopia. To imrpove the quality of education, we donated 20 tables and 40 chairs.
The first part was financed in July 2008, after which the rest of the donations followed.
Op de school zitten gemiddeld 350 tot 400 jongens en meisjes. Ook heeft het gebouw een paar slaapzalen waarin enkele scholieren kunnen verblijven.
In July 2008, the first part, 11 dining tables and 22 sofas were financed for € 1,523. Thanks to all donations, the rest of the dining tables and benches could later be financed for € 1,477.
Kune Zuva, a Dutch foundation that dm.v. supporting small-scale projects in Africa committed to provide a better future for the local population.

Guatemala (Alotenango)

Students for Children contributed to the construction of a school with an oven, a gas stove and electricity.
In 2009 Students for Children supported this project in Guatemala.
The project provides children aged 4 to 17 with basic education and information during the day at school. These are children who would otherwise work at a young age, as they grow up in extreme poverty.
Students for Children has been able to contribute € 2,406 thanks to the support of its donors.
Students for Children has partnered with the local school Niño Obrero, which provides free education to children living in extreme poverty.

Guatemala (Quetzeltenango)

Ten local teachers have been appointed with the donation of Students for Children, who teach 78 children with disabilities in social and economic skills.
Students for Children supported this project in January 2016.
With this project, 78 children with special needs receive extra education and support.
The total amount of the project was €4297 and Students for Children contributed €2983 to the community.
For this project, we collaborated with Startup4kids, which works with two local partners: FUNDAL and Escuela de Educación Especial Xelajú.


Students for Children contributed to the start-up of a playgroup for underprivileged children in the Pangandaran district in West Java, which was severely hit by a tsunami in 2006.
Students for Children has sponsored this project since November 2015.
The playgroup consists of at least 15 children, ages 2 to 4.
The total contribution for this project is € 2,535. With this, Students for Children has paid 2 teachers, teaching materials, educational toys and playground equipment.
We have worked with the Meraih Bintang foundation, which is a Dutch organization that works closely with two local board members and local representatives.


We supported local women through microcredits so that they could start small businesses to send their children to school.
Students for Children has supported this project since April 2013.
Women from Tamil Nadu in India are helped with this project to start their own business and to support their own family.
Students for Children lent a total of € 2,000 to this project, divided into smaller loans of € 75 - 275 to the women. The first half is repaid after one year, and the other half after two years.
The AID India foundation has collaborated to support this project.


Students for Children has sponsored the books of children who are victims of violence and exploitation.
Students for Children supported this project in 2014. However, the school books can be used for many more years.
150 children are currently attending the Teresa Academy who can use the books. In addition, the books are also for future students.
Students for Children donated € 500 to purchase all books.
We work together with the local Teresa Academy organization.


Students for Children donated 5 computers, a laptop and a printer to a primary school in a small village in Paraguay.
In 2012 Students for Children supported this project in Paraguay.
The teacher uses the laptop to go to a nearby internet cafe and download recent school materials. With the printer he can then print this teaching material and distribute it to the children, who learn modern skills on the 5 computers.
Students for Children sponsored this project with an amount of € 1,890.
This project was supported in collaboration with Ganadera Tapití.


The lack of knowledge about menstruation in Uganda makes girls miss school days unnecessarily every month. With this project, information was given about menstruation and reusable sets of sanitary towels were distributed.
This project took place from 2017 to 2018.
About 250 girls have received reusable pads. In all schools where our local partner has been, both boys and girls have received information about menstruation. This contributes to breaking the taboo on this topic.
Students for Children contributed € 1,400 to this project.
Students for Children has worked with the local partner MCODE, which is active in the Buikwe district.


Students for Children donated a toilet building, a water pollution system and a rain shelter to the Mae Naa Chaang Nua school.
In 2009 we were able to contribute to this project.
With this project, all children of the Mae Naa Chaang Nua school in China were able to use the facilities that were placed.
Thanks to the help of its sponsors, Students for Children was able to donate € 3,495.
Students for Children has collaborated with the Samsara Foundation, which focuses on the realization of school facilities in schools so that children can stay safe and healthy there.

South Africa

Students for Children donated 5 laptops to an after-school care center for orphans. Not only does it keep the kids off the street, but it also contributes to lessons they don't get at school.
In 2012 Students for Children supported this project in South Africa.
This project helps children who come to the drop-in centers of this organization by giving them computer lessons.
Students for children contributed a total of € 1,340 to this project.
There has been collaboration with the Makhundu Christian Support foundation.