New project with Mundo de Talentos

We’re happy to announce our new project with Mundo de Talentos. Thanks to our community we raised almost 1000€ our from Tikkie week crowdfunding campaign last December. We will contributing a sum of 3000€ to Mundo de Talentos to support the team with their next project, Mundo de Talentos Rural.

Mundo de Talentos is a non-profit weekend school program that offers vocational training to children between the ages of 10 and 13 in Chiapas, South Mexico. The children are introduced to interesting professions and study subjects through an intensive three-year program held each Saturday. 

Currently, the Mundo de Talentos team is expanding the program by developing Mundo de Talentos Rural which is an adaptation of the current program to the rural context of Chiapas. This program will be available to young people in indigenous communities. This way, they will support young people in rural areas to become better prepared to make their own decisions about their future, focusing on the real opportunities that exist  within their context. 

Taking as a starting point that “role models inspire”, they will mainly invite speakers of rural and indigenous origin to share their work, study and training experiences. 

The program is still in development and expected to start with the new school year. We wanted to update you all regardless on the progress and will continue to do so as time goes on. 

As always, thank you for your interest in SfC and we look forward to a great project with our partner, Mundo de Talentos. You can read the full project report here.