March was dedicated to our anniversary year next month. It is exactly 12,5 years ago that Ralph and David signed the Chamber of Commerce documents on April 10th. This was the beginning of Students for Children. A good reason to spend some time on planning the upcoming events to celebrate our anniversary.

Besides our preparations for the anniversary month, our bank account enabled us to fund some new projects the coming period. A though decision as Students for Children seeks to help as many children as possible. 2 projects were selected for further collaboration with Students for Children.

The project of the Ugandan organization “Reach Out Nkokenjeru HIV/AIDS Initiative”(RONHAI) is committed to 75 vulnerable boys between 14 and 18 years old. These boys dropped out of school due to various reasons. Most of them are orphan because their parents died from the consequences of aids. Thanks to the RONHAI project, these boys are trained to become carpenter. Meaning that they learn a real trade, which enables them to take care of themselves and their future families. Since the acquired materials (hammers, saws, building materials, etc.) can also be used by coming generations, this project is sustainable and therefore able to reach a lot of people.

Organisation “Programme for the Well-being of Children” (PWC) focusses on the reconstruction of a school in Congo. Many schools and building are destroyed by the consequences of the civil war. The school that will be rebuild in Lulenge Village is one of the few in the surrounding areas. Local children are at the moment unable to go to school due to the destruction of the school. The demolished school will be rebuild by means of the help of PWC, which will enable the children to continue their education.