Our action

We sponsor a vulnerable group of boys to become professional carpenters.

Number of Children

75 teenage boys between 14 and 18 years.


The total costs of this project are 3.100 euro. The materials will also be used for future generations.

Our partner

Reach out Nkokonjeru Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative (RONHAI).

Our local project partner in Uganda is devoted to vulnerable teenage boys who have been affected by the consequences of HIV and AIDS. Many of these children are orphan now due to this disease. The boys supported by RONHAI have not been able to finish their education in the past due to various reasons. Unemployment among the youth in Uganda is high. This vulnerable group has often not the required skills to get a job. This is way RONHAI provides these boys a practical education, which enables them to obtain diverse construction skills. They get lessons in carpentry, manufacturing furniture, and metal- and woodworking. After this training, the boys will be more likely to find a job and to build a good life for himself and his (future) family.