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PwC South Kivu

Democratic Republic of Congo

Considering the hardships of life and ongoing instabilities in the village of Kabare in the South Kivu province, many children have been victims of witchcraft accusations and often, communities tend to set them alive on fire while some community members of good heart and relatives often decide to take the children in to live with them.

Although there is a free education policy in the DRC, the wearing of uniforms is compulsory to all and non-negotiable including shoes, bags and stationery. Often, these relatives are also very poor with little to no income and as a result, cannot support these children through school.

PwC has identified more than 150 vulnerable children victims of witchcraft accusation in the village of Kabare for whom school supplies pose a major barrier to education. For this project, we will be sponsoring the costs of school uniforms and 9 pairs of shoes for these 150 children to enable attend school. The remaining school supplies are funded by another organization. This project was carried out in June 2021. This project is part of PwC’s Kivu school rebuilding project which we also help fund.


We fund the costs of sets of school uniforms.


150 child victims of witchcraft accusations.


We contributed 1.000 euros in total to this project.


Programme for the Well-being of Children (PwC)

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