Students for Children works together with Educate to support the construction of two libraries in
Honduras. The local library committee at the Las Lagunas school in Santa Barbara is made up of
teachers, parents and students. The committee is organizing sales of “nacatamales”, a traditional
dish found in Honduras, to raise their portion of the funds for the library. We think this is a great
idea! Besides providing a good dish, this also helps get the wider community involved and taking
ownership over the project.

Furthermore, the committee is working on a library plan, including information on how to organize
the space, how use of the library will be integrated into the school day, and when it will be open to
wider members of the Las Lagunas community.

Nice to know: Walter (the guy on the right of the picture) is very excited about using some of the
books to promote environmental awareness! Needless to say, we are very supportive of this idea!
He has worked with many of the school children planting trees around the lake where they live. At
the moment there is a selection of books about nature, gardens and plantings that he is looking
forward to reading with the children. Although Walter is not a teacher, he is a very active and
much appreciated member of the community.