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Our Partners

We value our partners a lot as they are diverse and contribute in their own way to spread awareness, as well as increase donations. These donations can come in various forms, such as Christmas cards andValentine roses but also Easter eggs and money - everything is possible! Additionally, our partners contribute to events by means of donations and sponsorship these events are in turn essential for the final funding of the selected projects. This enables our partners to financially support the education of several children in developing regions directly and indirectly. Below you see a few of partners with whom Students for Children works together:

Kringloopwinkel de Recycling
Hortichain B.V.
Insure To Study
Albert Heijn
Tony's Chocolonely

You want to collaborate with us?

Whether you are looking for an one-off or multi-annual collaboration, Students for Children is always welcoming new partners and your input. Our collaboration with you and current partners reinforce each other through mutually beneficial relationships. Are you interested in collaborating with our organization? Don’t be shy and contact us!