Hurray! We have celebrated Students for Children’s jubilee year this month. Our organizations exists 12,5 year now. Video’s, photos and felicitations from our projects and fans kept pouring in. Have a look on our Facebook page our Instagram if you missed these videos and photo’s.

Furthermore, we have helped the students of the UvA with purchasing their Easter supplies by means of a successful sale of Tony’s Chocolonely’s Easter eggs. This fairtrade treat was received very well by the students and employees of the UvA. Many thanks to Tony’s who sponsored the Easter eggs.

Shortly after the Easter weekend Students for Children had to focus on the next event: the Tikkieweek! Birthday presents are part of a birthday party and Students for Children had a big birthday wish this year, namely funding the Ugandan RONHAI project. Please click here to check out more about this project. In order to launch this project hammers, saws and other building tools need to be purchased. Therefore, Students for Children asked for the required safety glasses, circular saws and other materials for their birthday. These presents could be donated by means of a Tikkie. Our fans have given us many gifts, which enabled us to fund a significant part of the RONHAI project.

To conclude, we have had a successful month and we are looking forward to admire the creations of the RONHAI boys.