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The successful collaboration with Kiem

In February and March, we collaborated with Kiem Montessori for a charity ice skating and a crafting activity. Kiem Montessori is a school actively involved in organizing different sporting events. The students have had ice skating lessons for past weeks before the event. So in this collaboration, the kids have been trained for this amazing fundraising activity! Kiem Montessori is also a very creative school, the kids have access to a creative working space, where they can create their own creativities during the week for school purposes. This means that during the exercise we had organized, the kids already had access to amazing materials to let their imagination come alive.

So as mentioned before, we organized a fun exercise with the kids on 25th of February which entailed to build a self-sufficient village from the materials from the working space at school. They used different paper materials to build various towns in areas where our projects are located. To help kids better understand the situation of our projects, we gave them information about the countries where our projects are located and what each project concerns in the form of a presentation. The information of this presentation was included in the exercise so that the children could directly link this to our foundation. Additionally, every country faces different problems, thus the children had to include the needed facilities that may solve parts of the problems. Particularly, considering how people create their livings in the towns, like in Uganda, India or Honduras. The kids had to brainstorm about water use, electricity and their budget for creating a self-sufficient village. This way the kids became conscious about why they were raising money in the first place and why children from our projects need fundraising. The outcome of this activity was really beautiful to see as the children built diverse and creative towns.

On 13th March, we went to ice-skating with some of the students from kiem. Thereby, each round they skate was sponsored by family members, neighbours or friends. During the activity, each of the children received a paper and we stamped the rounds they made. The kids were very competitive because they got founding for every round they skated! So the kids wanted to skate as many rounds as possible! Some of the kids even skated for more than 35 rounds – Very athletic!


Overall, our board was so impressed by the children’s joy, creativity and ambition that they had during these activities. We are so happy and thankful for the collaboration and hope we can have more in the future!