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Our action

We sponsor the construction of two libraries in primary schools in Honduras

Number of Children

67 children are going to these schools. The books will be available for many years. Meaning that also future generations will be able to profit from these books.


4500 euro to purchase the books, the bookcases and the transportation costs.

Our partner

Here you can find more information about our project partner, educate.

We work together with educate. This organisation is also run by students and is comprissed of members living both in the Netherlands and in Honduras. Educate aims to help children in Honduras, which is one of the poorest countries in the world, to develop in order to provide them a better chance to education and health. Would you like to get to know more about educate,  click here.

This project is addressed to organise two libraries in primary schools in Honduras. This will support the children who were already going to school, but who did not have access to enhance their knowledge and improve their reading skills by means of books. This is an important aspect tob e able to perform better in the future. The selected schools are located in a disolated area and receive very little (financial) support from the government. Therefore, they are not able to purchase the required school materials, which has a negative effect on the quality of education. In addition tot hat, the children barely leave their own village. Thanks to the new books, there is a whole world open to them.

At the Las Lagunas school in Santa Barbara, a governance board is being set up. The board is comprised of students, teachers, the students’ parents and other volunteers. These people are dedicated to the logistic aspects of the project, such as the organisation of the library, how the library will be used during the regular school days and how other people of the comunity of Las Lagunas will make use of the library.

The second library will be build at the Francisco Morazan in La Florida. 24 children are going to school in this small village. The children will be able to read books from a wide range of informative books and fiction. The Francisco Morazan school has decided to purchase books which will help the children to understand more about important topics of modern times, such as gender equality, nutrition, and the environment.