Pwc (Congo)

Our action

We sponsor the construction of a primary school which is destroyed during the war in DRC.

Number of Children

300 children between 6 and 11 from this region will go to this school.


The costs for the construction of the building and the tables and chairs are €2.500

Our partner

We work together with Programme for the Well-being of Children (PWC).

Our project partner PWC was visiting the local community of the village Lulenge in Congo when he was asked to help them reconstruct the primary school of the village. Many buildings have been destroyed in this area by vandalism of local armed groups during the political turmoil. Lulenge is now quiet and peaceful again, but the damage is substantial.

The community does not have sufficient resources to reconstruct the school and there are no other schools in this area. Since the children of Lulenge had no other option than going to the school without a roof, toilets and chairs, PWC took it upon itself to help them solving the construction problems. As a result, 300 children will have access to education in proper conditions, which will have a positive influence on their education. Therefore, the impact of the reconstruction of the primary school in Lulenge will be beneficial for the whole society.