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Long time no see!

Long time no see! We have been behind in sharing regular news on our website which have various reasons. During the past months we have been working on increasing our activity on social media channel, such as LinkedIn and Instagram. Additionally, it is the first academic year that we internationalize our board to serve a wider range of audiences. Our board is currently working on collaborations with Kiem Montessori and Pieter Nieuwland for new fundraising events. However, we have wrapped up the last months in one post regarding the events we organized!

Beer pong 4 Education! (20th of December, 2019)
The last event of the 2019 took place at the Dutchies hostel. We organized this together with them on a friday night. It was quite busy. Friends of the board and guests at the hostel were also participating. They could buy a ‘package deal’ including a beer pong set or a separate beer. We received 198,22 Euros in total with this fun event. 

Valentine’s Rose Sale! (14th of February, 2020)
Students for Children collaborated with Study Association VSPA for a Charity Rose Sale! The Roses were sponsored by EZ. flowers and were sold at VSPA’s Valentine’s gala at Pllek. We had an incredible night with € 134,5 raised for this event!